Firstly, what's with the name? 

MOLSK, is actually pretty simple. It's the three postcodes of Tameside, the borough in which we are situated; 

(M) Manchester.

(OL) Oldham.

(SK) Stockport.

Who are Molsk Associates?
MOLSK are a multi discipline design & communications agency based in Great Britain.
We are a group of unique and enthusiastic who are passionate about what we do and working together to create beautiful designs. 
We keep our design process is simple, we start by having a little chat with you in order to outline where you want your project to go. We then work together and plan on how we will achieve it. We'll research your company and your industry to find out what works best. 
Once our planning and research is complete, the really fun part begins.
We start to create and make your project come alive, harnessing all of our creative energy into a design outcome that is simply beautiful.

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